thai cave rescue project showed ubuntu at its best

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uk canada goose Two ‘second Earths’ more similar to our planet than first thought could harbour alien lifeAstronomers have canada goose outlet shop learned more details about Kepler 186f and Kepler 62fByJeff ParsonsTech/ reporter14:36, 29 JUN canada goose outlet in canada 2018Kepler 186f may have seasons like Earth (Image: NASA) Kepler 186f and Kepler 62f located approximately 500 and 1,200 light years away respectively are two exoplanets canada goose outlet legit that could potentially harbour alien life.They are both within the “habitable zone” of their parent star, similar to Earth’s location in our own solar system.A new study from the Georgia Institute of canada goose outlet mississauga Technology has used simulations to study the spin axis of the exoplanets. This, in turn, has given astronomers more of an idea about possible seasons and climate of the distant world.The axis of canada goose outlet niagara falls a rotating planet will determine how the sunlight strikes its surface.We ARE alone in the universe says latest study that dismisses the concept of aliensThe researchers suggest that Kepler 186f’s tilt is very stable, much like canada goose outlet price Earth’s, which makes it likely that it has regular seasons and a stable climate.”Mars is in the habitable zone in our solar system, but its axial tilt has been very unstable varying from zero to 60 degrees,” said Georgia Tech Assistant Professor canada goose outlet near me Gongjie Li, who led the study together with graduate student Yutong Shan from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.”That instability probably contributed to the decay of the Martian atmosphere and the evaporation of surface water.”Richard Branson is ‘jealous’ of Elon Musk’s rocket launch but teases that Virgin Galactic could ‘upstage’ SpaceXKepler 186f is the first Earth size planet discovered in the potentially ‘habitable zone’ around another star, where liquid water could exist on the planet’s surfaceTo put that into context, the axial tilt of the Earth is very mild. It moves between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees, going from one extreme to the other every 10,000 years or so.”Our study is among the first to investigate climate stability of exoplanets and adds to the growing understanding of these potentially habitable nearby worlds,” said Li.”I don’t think we understand enough about the origin of life to rule out the possibility of their presence on planets with irregular seasons.”New hint of life on Mars as NASA reveals “seasonal variance” that may be sign of ancient alien lifeallMost ReadMost RecentAnimalsTerrifying new species of wasp with a stinger ‘like a fierce weapon’ is discoveredThe team, from the University of Turku in Finland, found the new species living in the Amazon rainforestBlood moon will bring the longest lunar eclipse of the century just as Mars shines its brightest for 15 yearsThe red planet will be brighter than ever as an ultra rare blood moon occurs this monthFertilityHaving sex in WINTER is more likely to produce children who are naturally slim, study revealsWinter sex is more likely to produce naturally skinny individuals who never have to worry about their weight, a study suggests. uk canada goose

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