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Today, like millions around the world we at StyleCaster will be marching on in an effort to support the movement to raise awareness about shoeless children across the globe and how a pair of shoes can impact a life.  Last year in over 25 countries, at over 1,000 events around the world people made a choice that shaped lives forever. If you haven’t heard about The One for One Movement, it was created in 2006, when a man by the name of Blake Mycoskie became aware of a huge shoe epidemic in Argentina.After rallying his family high quality hermes replica ,friends AND 10,000 pairs of shoes, his plan to give back became a world changing reality.So,we challenge you to walk a day in the footsteps of another as we shed our shoes and give back. It’s easy, just take your kicks off, and when people ask why, tell them. Spread the word, raise awareness and change lives.If you can’t go shoeless this year, above is a slide-show of our favorite pairs of TOMS shoes. You can support The One for One Movement with a purchase of a shoe and TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.Are  you going one day without shoes? If so, leave a comment below and let us know where you’ll be marching on barefoot. 0Thoughts?1 of 10Sand Alarco Women’s Desert Botas, $74, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Burlap Triangles Women’s Classics, $54, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/The Row’s Oliver Classics,$150, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Corbel Women’s Vegan Classics, $54, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Yellow Savannah Women’s Wedges, $79, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Blue Ceara Women’s Cordones, $74, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Green Women’s Bimini Stitch-outs, $59, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Silver Crochet Women’s Classics , $58, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Green Women’s Classics, $68, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Silver Women’s Glitters, $54, TOMSPhoto: TOMS/Next slideshow starts in 10sKatniss, Minaj & More: TheBest Modern Takes OnBarbie

TOMS: One Day Without Shoes

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